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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Steel Town Irish Pub...

Part one of our vacation started on our way to the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. We are campers from way back and still rough it sometimes. Although we've added a nice big air mattress to the list of necessities the last couple of years. We look for interesting eating places when we're traveling, trying to avoid the usual chain restaurants. I'm not sure what town this pub was in, but it turned out to be pretty good for just picking a place.

It was in a town that used to be a steel town. Now the steel mills are no more and next to the rotting buildings with broken windows are huge gaudy casinos where people feed their money into one armed bandits.

We were fairly close to Philly, so I took a chance and got the Philly cheese steak wrap and some cider. It was very good and this picture doesn't do it justice. The secret to a good Philly cheese steak is to keep it simple, just thin sliced beef, cheese whiz and maybe some onions, but that's it! I was living on the edge by getting one in a wrap. Normally they are on a sub roll. The proper way to eat it is to stand and hunch forward so the grease doesn't drip down the front of you. Yummmmm.

I am off to a good start on my holiday! Full tummy, a little too much Cider and a comfortable op shopped jumper.

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