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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big Bird!

I took a suggestion from Misfit's Vintage Blog and bought a YELLOW dress! The pictures do not do the yellow justice. I thought I looked a bit like big bird. I got a lot of ladies telling me they loved my outfit. but that is probably because I stuck out like a "zoot suit at a Shaker's funeral".

We went to the Dill Tavern to listen to the Big Band.

I found this watch pin at Marjorie's Gems. I had to have it because my Dad's first job when he was 13 years old was working the ice truck.

This alligator purse is from Cuba and belonged to my husband's Mom. The little guy still has his very sharp little teeth. When my hubby was little, his mom had this in church and he sat down on it and yelled out in the middle of service "It bit my butt!". It has since drawn blood from all three of my boys who felt the need to stick their
finger in it's mouth.

I need a name for my purse. Any suggestions?

Next day...Same dress...Different look

Dress, belt & Shoes - Goodwill $10 total
Hat & gloves - Thrifted $12
White earrings, cape and purse - inherited
Ice watch pin - Marjories Gems $10
Green necklace - Gabriele Brothers
Bangles - Gifted from Sarah of MRTB
Green earrings - I bought in the 70s

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Helliconia Spring 2012

For any of you Science Fiction fans out there, this has been my Helliconia Spring. The book is about a Planet whose orbit is so elliptical that the Winters last more than a generation.  So an entire generation of people have known nothing but severe Winter and then...something strange begins to happen. As the Planet orbits closer to their Sun, everything begins to change and they don't know why or what is
going to happen next.

That has pretty much been my life of late. I am still job hunting, as are many of my friends. Our economy is in the tank and businesses and corporations are tossing us old squaws out of the teepee to let the elements finish off the weak. I do my best work when things seem the bleakest!

We did manage a short Vacation at "the Shore"

I still think this is the best way to go.

A sand sculpture of Joseph reuniting with his brothers.

A local gave us a great tip for dinner one evening, The Tuckahoe Inn. It was off the Island so it was affordable and had a lot of atmosphere.

And of course, I found a local Thrift Shop called "The Crooked Tail". All proceeds benefit the local pussies.

I found some pieces for my 70's Corelle Ware set of dishes

Proprietor and Cat Lady

I didn't get any pictures of me while at Sea Isle City, so I'll pop in this one the day after we got home.

I bought this dress at the beginning of Summer at Gabriele Brothers for $12. I was surprised it still fit! The sweater came from the same and I redecorated it with vintage rhinestone buttons.
Thank goodness for rose colored glasses (Big Lots $3) or I might really be depressed!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pump Primers

This is one of the annual events that Larry and I attend. Larry loves it because it has fire trucks and firefighter "junk" and I like it because it is a walk by the river and I like to look at all the activity. This is the River Boat. Anybody can take a ride for about $13.

This is a big competition day for the local volunteer fire companies. Larry said the first time his company did this keg competition, they lost miserably.

These are all retired pumpers that are now privately owned. The owners bring them out and line them up along the river to show off their big pumps. Most men of course.

Larry actually knows what he is looking at...or at least pretends he does anyway.

This is my favorite truck every year just because I like the town's name "Zelienople". It is a real town in Western Pennsylvania with a famous candy store.

I found my cherry dress at the church charity shop for $2.

After the Pump Primers, we spent the rest of the afternoon at the "Bluegrass on the Grass" festival in Carlisle. It is a free festival put on by Dickenson College.

I don't really have any great pictures of what I was wearing. I was just having a fun day out with my hubby.