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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leopard Print Thursday

One of my friends told me I need to loosten up...
so here I am being loose

The skirt I bought on clearance at Boscov's a few
years ago for $6
The sweater on clearance from Fashion Bug for $4

The leopard print pullover is from the $1 bin sale
Here is a closer look at the print

The sweater clip is also a Time Bomb find
I love the way the roses are combined with the leopard print and of course the metallic glitter.

The shoes were from Gabriele Brothers. A great close out store where you can find the greatest stuff cheap!

The heels are sort of half round shape. I lost the heel tips but still wear them because they are so comfortable.

One more animated pose "for the road"

1 comment:

Helga! said...

Hi Tomye!
Leopard print is absolutely the new black,and I think it goes with everything!!! I ADORE the sweater clips,soooo glamourous!! Good take on "being loose"!
Thanks for popping by my blog,it's great to make new friends! XXX