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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farmers Fair Weekend

Farmers Fair is a big deal here in Dillsburg. It begins the third weekend in October and ends Saturday after the "Big" Parade. It is a big parade because Friday is the Baby Parade. The baby parade is a shorter walk and all the children can dress up or pull floats and be the stars that night. I didn't go into the parades (I was too lazy), but K and I did go in Saturday to walk around and check out the second hand shops which are usually closed by the time
I get home from work.

We started at the craft fair. Mostly to get ideas for our own projects.  I can't really afford most of what they
were selling there. 

We moved onto the cars and tractors. They do a parade with them in the afternoon, but after looking at 50 tractors puttering by, it gets pretty boring.

The handsome guy in the uniform is my hubby.
After that we moved to the Dills Tavern for some local History. I think they had every war covered.

...and some pictures of inside the Tavern

Oh and can't forget the Fair Entries. I've entered many years and every one in my family had won a few ribbons for something or another.

The sewing details on the dress were beautiful. It won first place and should have.

I wore my hounds tooth cape that I inherited from my my Mother in Law. She made it herself. I have pictures of her wearing it in Jerusalem.

Larry has worked almost every Farmers Fair since
we've been married.

I did purchase a new hat for 25 cents. The hideous silk flowers are already in the trash and I will have it looking glorious in no time.

The adult prom is this weekend and I cannot decide what dress to wear. Silver sparkles or Hot Pink.


Helga! said...

Love that cape and love a fair-although I haven't been to one in many years!We call them "shows" in our neck of the woods,and the Royal Easter Show in Sydney was one I went to every year as a young un;my Daddy always worked at it.
Intrigued by the Adult Prom!Do tell!XXX

Vix said...

I adore that cape on you, you look so sophisticated! The hat is insanely fabulous and Larry and you make a handsome couple.
We don't have anything like those fairs here. They look fascinating although I think I'd be a bit bored after 50 tractors. x

dina vanessa mercado said...

nice blog!!! loved it... following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!


Ivy Black said...

Looks like a wonderful day. My husband would have loved all those cars and tractors...he'd never have got bored! That cape is fab...I love houndstooth.

Misfits Vintage said...

I was wondering why I wasn't seeing your posts in my reader and just noticed that I wasn't following - sorry, love! Have remedied that now just in time to say NOOOOooooo! You didn't ditch the flowers! You must keep them to make fab flower clips!

That fair looks so much fun - I would LOVE it and I adore your gorgeous cape!

Sarah xxx