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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Color Purple

As usual, I am totally oblivious to the world and had no idea it "Feel Your Boobies" day for breast cancer. So here is a word for all my sisters who survived breast cancer and those that fought the good fight. Helga looked fantastic in her pink and is always an inspiration to me.

I chose a plain purple frock today livened up by a crinkle top.
My crinkle blouse was a gift from my niece.

Purple blouse - gift, purple dress - clearance rack, purple fishnets - Gabriele Brothers and purple shoes - clearance retail, purple necklace - gift. Egad...I have sexy legs for an old lady!

My dress was a bit to low cut to wear alone to the office, but not for you all...

It is Farmer's Fair Weekend here, which is a local holiday. I will try to take lots of pictures.


Frocktasia said...

I do love purple! Fab outfit my dear.
Have a lovely weekend...x

Vix said...

You have the most fabulous legs, Tomye! Have a great weekend. x