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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tips from Edith Head

Edith head was such a popular costume designer during the early years of Hollywood because she would look at the actresses and put them in clothes that accentuated their assets and played down their not so great body features. Learning what looks good on your body is key to successful op shopping. Not everyone can wear the form fitting dresses that look fantastic on Helga, or the minis and halters that Vix sports brilliantly.  I bought this sweater set at Community Aid and after seeing myself in a picture, I realized that although I still liked the individual pieces, they did not do anything for me as a set.

So I did a few change ups...

I added a belt to give me a waist and help break up the midi length. I changed up the waist length sweater for a longer one to make my torso look longer. I added some heavy metal jewelery to accent the black and some high heels to make my legs look longer.

Much better, I think.

The cross was my mother in laws, the belt from Gabriele Brothers, the sweater retail clearance and the bracelet was one we played dress up with when we were kids. I don't know how old it is but I'm guessing the 1930's. I guess I still like playing dress up.


Helga! said...

Ah,Tomye,Edith Head was marvellous,wasn't she?! I read a bio on her a few years back,and it was fascinating! Indeed,she was great at making the actresses look perfect;apparently Bette Davis had an awkward shape and took a bit of work.Yup,we just need to up play our assets and disguise our "flaws".(If indeed they really are flaws!!)You've done great,darl,classy! Love the long sweater choice,and that bracelet is heavenly!!!
Thank you for the sweetest're a sweetie!!!X

Vix said...

You are such a flatterer! Edith was right, it's all about accentuating our good bits so nobody notices the not-so-hot bits.
The belt works brilliantly and I find a longer chain lengthens my body and adds another dimension.
You look fab. xxx