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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Belated Frock Friday

It has been so busy this week. K is going to Las Vegas next week and I helped her color her hair. We have an open house Sunday and need to stage the house. I was able to join in Frock On Friday Fun though. When I bought this dress at Community Aid (for a whopping $2.50), it reminded me of "Mi Papelicos". The clean lines and bright colors seemed like something Sacramento would like.

My sweater was retail clearance. I snapped these pictures quick before we changed for the USO dance in New Oxford.

My necklace is a gift from a friend. She makes jewelery and felt bad for me because I didn't have any "good" jewelery. Hahahaha...I don't think she understood that I "like" costume jewelery! Oh well, it was a nice gesture and it is a nice necklace. I'm not sure what type of stones they are, but they are purple and pretty.

The pin is vintage and belonged to my mother.

Without the sweater.

It was "Liberation" weekend in New Oxford. I'm not sure that any action from WWII came to New Oxford, Pa. but we do like our reenactments here. We took some shots and video of some of the dancers at the dance. The old school building the dance was in was standing during WWII and may have hosted original USO dances.

A bit of video of some of the dancers.

Enjoy the weekend and say a prayer for me to GET THIS HOUSE SOLD!!!

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Vix said...

Better late than never! great frock, glorious colours. That looked like a fun occasion. x