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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Licking my wounds

What a day! On the way to work this morning, my car got rear ended. No real damage, just a little shook up, but walking to exchange information, I tripped on a piece of debris from another accident and went arse over tin cup. I now have both hands ripped up and two skinned knees. So I am relaxing in my elephant lounge set I found last week at the church charity shop, for $1.75.

The sweet lady that was working there saw me carrying this around and said "What pretty colors. I hope you won't be insulted, but that looks like you!" I assured her I wasn't insulted and it looks so much like me that I'm buying it. It's 100% cotton and made in India.

We only had one real bandage in the first aid kit, so one of the sales reps played nurse.
So...I'm spending the evening milking the sympathy and making my hubby and kids cook and wait on me.

'til later!

1 comment:

Vix said...

Oh poor you! hope the wounds heal quickly and that the family are looking after you.
Love the elephant lounge suit so much. x