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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Balancing my love for op shopped and vintage clothing with office attire can be challenging

If I keep to classic styles along with a few
op shop finds, it works

I can do the black slacks +  blouse uniform, but
why would I want to

This whole outfit cost me less than $15, including the hair bow

When I buy new, I buy end of the season clearance racks

The shoes are my favorite

I actually have women stop me and tell me how fabulous these shoes are

They were free because they needed heel caps, which hubby took care of readily

The necklace and earring set were a gift from "Peanut" of Miss Ruth's Time bomb

They are some type of glass which make a great "clinking" noise when they get next to each other

Excuse the old lady neck, but it's the only one I have

1 comment:

Peanut said...

I forgot about those shoes! They look great! Keep wearing them girl!