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Saturday, July 23, 2011


It is more that 100 degrees here in Central Pa, which is
practically unheard of in July

Everyone is trying to keep cool

I bought this frock at the Community Aid Store for a few dollars

My intent is to cut in off about knee length, but I needed something cool and
comfortable to wear and dug it out of my closet.

I liked the lace trim around the neckline and sleeves

The earrings are a gift from my son. He bought them from Eden Ministry, made by
women who have been rescued from the sex slave trade. Stop by their
web site and check it out. The money goes to helping these ladies find a new life.

The kitty pin belonged to my mother in law.

As much as I love shoes, I prefer to go shoeless at home in the summer. Probably because
we rarely wore shoes in the summer when I was little.

This little flower popped up out of nowhere. I guess if it can bloom in adverse conditions, so can I.

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Girl Twin Exchange said...

I LOVE the community aid store!! so much awesome stuff there. I also love that you posted a link to that website. what a wonderful salvation for those women...