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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Church and Roller Derby

The usual Sunday morning was a beautiful day

I am wearing one of my favorite Goodwill finds, a flowing leopard print dress covering
with a Eddie Bauer tank dress underneath.

They match perfect but were bought separate for
about $4 each.

In keeping with the native theme, I decided to wear all shell and uncultured pearl necklaces

The shell necklaces are a souvenir from Florida when I danced with a road show and
the pearls a gift from my sister in law the lovely K

PS. Aren't my hydrangeas gorgeous?

and one of my favorite bags from Miss Ruth's Time Bomb

This was a gift from my hubby one day, for no reason.

I just found it on my pillow.

Go figure.

Here is a picture of the dress without the sweater

I'm not a big follower of Astrology, but I have to admit that I have a split personality.

Here is where the Gemini thing happens

Sunday evening we went to the Roller Derby

It was great!

Except for Stella Stitcher breaking her leg
(she's recovering nicely)

It was great fun.

Here are the H.A.R.D. Derby Girls making a wall so Stella had some privacy while they worked on her leg

This is one of the places I can wear a zebra print skirt and magenta sneakers and no one even notices

Me with Fallon Blitzher

Here's a future Derby Girl

I'm considering going to tryouts tomorrow. I've decided on the name "Grandmaulher Moses"

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