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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back from my walkabout...

I don't know why I haven't posted lately. Maybe because with the part time job I have, I can only wear black slacks and a blue top. Not very exciting. I've managed to go a few places, but not many. I am still looking for a regular job that fits me, and I started online college. I've decided to get my psychology and counseling degree, finally! I've been a volunteer counselor for about 13 years now and decided to make it official. Here are a few of the more interesting outfits I've managed between the black and blue.

My skirt was a gift from the lovely Peanut of Miss Ruth's Timb Bomb

I wore this for the yearly Sunday service they do in old German for Heritage Days.
I decided to wear a tux for the Adult Prom this year.  It's a good thing my husband loves me!

One good thing about where I'm working now is I get first choice of all the discounts first. This cardinal sweater was perfect with my beloved Mode Merr skirt.

We had a tiny little Christmas tree this year, to be planted outside now.

Denise and I doing Karaoke and butchering "Respect" by Aretha Franklin.
My apologies to Aretha!
This year's resolution is to BLOG regularly.

PS. I made the Dean's list!!!

1 comment:

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi there!
Nice to have you back
Yes you should come and see me will tour the charity shops and later a nice glass of wine!

Good about going back to school, i did a translation certificate at McGill few years ago now i would like to do one in art, will see

Hope you find a job soon, not easy i guess, i wonder how long it will take me to find one, i'm not in a hurry.

Take care

Ariane xxxx