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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pickle Nickel

I'm taking a break from school work to post. When it is just me and number 3 son, I can bribe him into spending time with his mom by taking him for something to eat. We went to the thriving metropolis of "Dill"sburg to the Pickle Nickel for a burger and shake.

The tables have game boards painted on them. No. 3 creamed me at checkers. I wanted to play snakes and ladders.

Andrew is an everything burger, I am just cheese, ketchup and french fries on my burger. The french fries on the burger are a Pennsylvania coal region thing I picked up as a kid.

Contrary to the news, burgers and fries alone, do not make you fat; just look at Andrew.

You won't find this sign in a franchise burger place.

 I don't always buy vintage. If I find something I like retail and can get a good price, I am all for it.

I liked this basic dress I picked up for a fin ($5)

and my red shoes with Nora Battey stockings

Number 3 son got me this watch for Christmas this year.

Back to my lectures now...TTFN.

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