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Saturday, January 26, 2013

An [almost] Perfect Day.

Like most blogger ladies, I am uber busy. So, when I get a free day, I make the most of it. I had a job interview (hoping for the best!) in the morning, in Carlisle. I decided to make a trip to Miss Ruth's and Georgie Lou's while in the vicinity. I did my best to look professional...

The suit coat and dress was only $3.19 at Ross and the Guess bag $7.50. After the interview, I went to the business district and had hot chocolate and a scone at Helena's Chocolate Cafe' and Creperie.

I spent a fun time talking to Georgie Lou at her candy shoppe

If you've never been here, you have to check it out. Old time candies and novelties, and she ships too! You facebookers can go to her page and like her too.

After Georgie Lou's, off to Miss Ruth's to check out coats.

The remodeled shoppe is so much roomier that before. There were a lot of coats I wanted, but I needed an every day, warm coat since temps are below freezing now.

I decided on this one. I don't know what vintage it is (I'm guessing 80s) but it's comfy and warm. I never leave before looking through the $2 bin, and it paid off! I found this 1940s Plasticflex purse.

I couldn't believe nobody had snatched this darling up!

Miss Ruth's cutie shoppe girl

I said almost perfect, because while I was having fun talking and shopping, the meter maid gave me a present...

Oh well, it was only $5, well worth a day out.



Style Sud-Est said...

Hope your,interview went well!
You do look profesionnal
That is a perfect day, coffee, cake, thrift shopping, a girl perfect day indeed!
Going to an intrerview on Monday

Ariane xxxx

Helga! said...

You looked so slick, I'm sure you jumped straight to the top of the interviewees list!
What a lovely day you made of it! The plastiflex handbag is fabulous and fascinating! XXX