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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catching Up...

I have not been very good at keeping up with my Blog over the Holidays. What with moving and getting settled in, I've just been vegging in the evenings and not doing much of anything. Right when we were getting ready to move from the "white house" to the "blue house", which is what they have come to be known as, my hubby found a rose blooming, in Winter, at the blue house. I've claimed this as a promise of good things to come!

I did get to a Christmas Party with my ladies from Monday nights. I've cropped my friend out, not because I didn't want her in the picture, but she is very shy and made me promise I wouldn't show it to anyone. Of course, I am not shy and don't mind showing you the great beaded vest I found for $3 at the local charity shop.

...and I finally got some thrifting done. Here are a few of the goodies I found at Community Aid.

I am getting my things out  that have been stored for almost a year. I feel so much more comfortable.

My phonograph gotten at the auction from the old high school. I paid $3 for it. The record on it is "The Chipmunk Christmas song". My sister worked for WKBO radio station when I was a kid and whenever they need children's voices for commercials, she would take us in to record the commercials. They paid us in doughnuts and disc jockey plug records.

Here are my Snow Bear banks. The wooden plaque has our wedding invite on it. I keep it out because my memory is terrible and I am always forgetting when my anniversary is. My sister made the plaque. 

We managed to even get some Christmas decorations up as well as a tree (We found the tree in the basement courtesy of one of our previous tenants. At least we got something out of them.)

Our house is quite humble by most US standards, but it suits us just fine. I thrifted the sliding door curtains at the local charity shop for $3.

All in all...Christmas turned out very nice this year. Like the Whos in Whoville, it came without all the fanfare and over indulgence and we still had a great time.

'til next year...oh wait, it is next year.

Plaid wool skirt, Community Aid for $6
Black shell, Goodwill for $3
Blue wool sweater, gifted from Peanut of Miss Ruth's Time Bomb
Christmas present jingly earrings retail for $1
jingly snowman pin, gifted

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Vix said...

Happy New Year, Tomye!
Your house looks lovely as does your latest thrift shop finds. Nice to have you back. x