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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spontaneous Moving

Hello luvs! I did not fall into a black hole. We have been enduring this house sale nightmare for close to a year and I couldn't take it anymore. We already owned the little home we are moving into as we were renting it out for a few years. It turned out that we are way to nice to be landlords and we always ended up with the worst of humanity as tenants, which is why we decided to move there ourselves and  sell the farm house. Neither Larry or I are teenagers anymore (even though we act and feel like it most of the time) and the stairs and upkeep were getting too much for us old buggers. So...we up and moved! I am slowly unpacking all my "stuff" that I had stored in the storage garage at our "new" home and am finally getting a little settled. Number 3 son hooked up my computer in a nifty little set up and I can finally post again.

I did take time amidst all this to visit with my little friend Hope of "Pink Champagne". She wanted to show me her new place of employment. She is working at the Atomic Warehouse in Harrisburg, Pa. Since I only work about 10 minutes from there, I met her after work for a tour and some East Indian cuisine.

My camera is dying so the pictures are courtesy of Hope. I was hoping I didn't have to by a new camera so soon, but it looks as though it is a goner.

Sweater retail clearance
skirt is part of a suit from Goodwill for $6
red fishnet tights .99 from Gabriele Brothers
Fur collar $6 from the Dillsburg Charity Shop
The shoes were gifted from the gracious Mary

With her bad hip she can no longer wear them and she said she knew I would appreciate them...and I do!

I played Vanna White at the radio counter. Do check out the Atomic Warehouse website, he has all sorts of cool goodies. Unfortunately he does not have his clothing posted as of yet. The store was affected by all the flooding this year and they are just now getting the goods back on the main floor. After we are all settled in, I plan on going back for some household items.

I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on and I will manage to get postings done somehow, even with a wonky camera. When our house is sold, I plan on a trip to the U.K. and will be asking you Englishers the best (and cheapest) places to stay and the best flea marketing destinations.

Later my friends.


Helga! said...

Moving! So stressful,esp this time of year!!!
ha,you and Hope are rather well co ordinated,you gorgeous pair!!!Fun!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh, what a big move! So glad to see you looking so glamorous and HAPPY! Your outfit is quite spectacular and those shoes are KILLER! That looks like my kind of shop... can't wait for pics of your new place.

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

Happy new home! You look so glamorous next to young Hope. I love those shoes and the shape of that skirt on you. x

Style Sud-Est said...

Hope you will be happy in your new home - I love your outfit - especially like the fur - so chic!

Ariane x

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Glad to hear that you're getting a bit more settled! Hope things are less hectic. It was lovely seeing you! =)

Steve Cooper said...

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Aminta Paiz said...

You look totally lovely !! and that place seems to have great stuff.... Hope Adela is adorable!!
Wishing you happy holidays .... <3