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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Candy Emergency

These pictures are actually from last Friday. It is  busy time at work and we've had a lot going on. I was fully planning on coming home last Friday and posting my Friday Frock when Mary called. She and Dawn were putting Christmas Candy bags together for the kids in York who wouldn't get otherwise and ran out of candy. I picked up a few big bags and headed there to help fill the rest of the bags to be handed out.

This dress was my mothers. I just always liked it and it has been mine since she passed away 19 years ago. Mary had bought tons of children's clothes from the Thrift shops and I was boxing them up for handing out.

A tired Dawn bagging candy.

Mary was a little wonky on pain meds for a bad hip.

A bit of silliness.

I have to admit, I am not feeling very Christmasy this year. I have not decorated or made any plans. I still haven't sold my house and haven't moved into the new place yet. My things are all in boxes and I am feeling very unsettled. Someone told me this past Monday, don't worry if your house is decorated for Christmas as long as your heart is ready for Christmas.


Misfits Vintage said...

HA! Mary seems Veeeery happy! It's not surprising that you're not feeling very christmassy - your life is very unsettled at the moment. Next year will be better! Sarah xxx

Vix said...

I'll have some of Mary's pain meds, please!
Loving that dress of your Mother's and the kindness you ladies are showing by helping those poor kids.
I don't like this time of year, maybe I'll feel more festive closer to the day. x

Style Sud-Est said...

Getting ready, but i am not very festive either, do not plan to go crazy this year because of my tendinitis, i have to take it easy!
Do not worry things will settle, it takes time, live the moment, and be positive.


sacramento said...

Hello gorgeous Tommye, how are you getting on with the Christmas Swap parcel???