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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet the rest of the family

I don't think I have introduced you to the rest of our family. This is Betty, or as we refer to her as Mrs. McPudgy. She also came to us via a former tenant. We couldn't have the dear sent to a shelter so she became ours.

...and this is Sundae, making herself at home on my tea towels. She fancies herself the alpha kitty and I have to remind her constantly that "I" am the alpha kitty! She came to us half starved from a local fruit farm. She is our mouser and one tough little girl.

Now that I have leisure time, I can take a walk/run. I don't have the endurance to jog the whole way round my little town, so I walk a bit then jog a bit. I can't say I am too sad about loosing my job. It was a corporate position where you were used as a punching bag for insecure middle management to justify their existence. Almost weekly I was demeaned and verbally abused. Who needs that? I will find something more suited to my nature and abilities.

Not exactly a fashion statement but it is pretty cold here right now!


sacramento said...

Happy New year, my gorgeous friend
I am so glad to have you!!!

maya said...

I am sorry to hear about your losing your job, but glad to see you can see the silver lining of your cloud as they say here in UK. Sending you lots of positive energy so you can turn a new leaf and are open to any new posibilities coming your way.

Vix said...

Great attitude about your job, onwards and upwards as we say!
Love your kitties, thanks for sharing. x