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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Helliconia Spring 2012

For any of you Science Fiction fans out there, this has been my Helliconia Spring. The book is about a Planet whose orbit is so elliptical that the Winters last more than a generation.  So an entire generation of people have known nothing but severe Winter and then...something strange begins to happen. As the Planet orbits closer to their Sun, everything begins to change and they don't know why or what is
going to happen next.

That has pretty much been my life of late. I am still job hunting, as are many of my friends. Our economy is in the tank and businesses and corporations are tossing us old squaws out of the teepee to let the elements finish off the weak. I do my best work when things seem the bleakest!

We did manage a short Vacation at "the Shore"

I still think this is the best way to go.

A sand sculpture of Joseph reuniting with his brothers.

A local gave us a great tip for dinner one evening, The Tuckahoe Inn. It was off the Island so it was affordable and had a lot of atmosphere.

And of course, I found a local Thrift Shop called "The Crooked Tail". All proceeds benefit the local pussies.

I found some pieces for my 70's Corelle Ware set of dishes

Proprietor and Cat Lady

I didn't get any pictures of me while at Sea Isle City, so I'll pop in this one the day after we got home.

I bought this dress at the beginning of Summer at Gabriele Brothers for $12. I was surprised it still fit! The sweater came from the same and I redecorated it with vintage rhinestone buttons.
Thank goodness for rose colored glasses (Big Lots $3) or I might really be depressed!

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Misfits Vintage said...

I'm sorry things are challenging - hope something wonderful comes your way really soon!

You look absolutely gorgeous in your lovely floral frock and that fab cardigan!

Sarah xxx