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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


In the past couple of months, I've sold my house three times. Two did not stick, but the last time seems to be a winner. The past month I've been cleaning out the white house and moving everything into the blue house. I cannot believe all the junk I have. I am going to be opening an Etsy store to get rid of some of it. Really...why do I have a basket full of cameras from the 60s through the 80s. I also have one of the ugliest dishes I've ever seen that my son found online selling for $50. Go figure?

In between selling the same house over and over I....

Visited Peanut and Miss Ruth. MRTB participated in Ladies Night at Rillos again this year. Check out Miss Ruth's Time Bomb Blog for the video of the Fashion Show. This years theme was "Circus"!

Peanut sorting through her inventory for clothes to take to Las Vegas for the Rockabilly Weekend.

Miss Ruth pricing items

Here are the clothes we modeled at the Fashion Show.

...Went to the Casting Crowns Concert with some friends.

April and Lori

The lovely Denise (Her family is from England)

Me and Lori

"Casting Crowns"

...Celebrated Passover with friends and family.

...Went to my son's first Art Exhibition.

I've been feeling a bit 60's and 70's lately.

Orange Jacket and tan turtleneck - Goodwill
back zipper slacks gifted

Geometric dress - Goodwill

Missed you gals...I have a ton of blog reading to catch up on now.


Ivy Black said...

Glad you're back! You are busy as anything and happy to hear the house sale went through...finally!xxx

Vix said...

Welcome back, Tomye! Glad you finally got moved and have started enjoying life again. x


I love you in that dress sooooooooo much.
believe me, you don´t want to be living in 42Âșc, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Aminta Paiz said...

oh woow!! You have been doing a LOT of things lately!! Last year I moved 3 times ... that was a nightmare... now Im happy in the new house , and hopefully will stay here for a while.. cant wait to see your stuff on etsy :D