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Monday, July 2, 2012

Back to being me...

Well, the wedding is over and I am back to being myself. I promised my son I would not do anything too weird during the wedding, but that ship has sailed. 

I didn't set off to have bright red hair. It was originally supposed to be just red highlights. After the cap was removed and washed out, they were more violet purple highlights. They were kind of interesting, but since I am job hunting, I thought "better not". The hair stylist (Donut Lady) put on a dark color to try and cover them up. It turned sort of beet red.

My outfit today consists of a sweater and cami set gotten for a $1 during Community Aid's end of season clearance last summer. I've used a strapless dress as a skirt and let's not forget the lovely back brace...

About seven years ago I had back surgery for a fractured disc. Every now and again I move wrong and have to take it easy for a couple of days and wear this torture device. I think that is when I decided to really enjoy life, since before the surgery, I was walking with a cane and living on Vicadin. I even got a call from the school Psycologist when my son said all his mommy does is sleep. I told the git, did he bother to ask him why and it was because of the unbearable pain I was in all the time. If I could have moved at the time, I would have knocked him out for starters. Anyway...after not being able to wear anything but granny shoes for a year, I decided that as soon as I was able I was going to wear the most impractical shoes I could find!

Now where was I?

Not being able to leave bad enough alone, I decided to try to lighten my hair myself...

So much for that idea.

So here I am with bright red hair and a great pair of sunnies I found at Bedford St. Antiques for $3.

And..I enrolled in Liberty University Online for college classes. It's been a busy week!

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